1. Sister, Mother, Lifesaver

    10 year-old sports fanatic Amelia was doing a cross-country run when she suffered a cardiac arrest. Luckily, Mum Jo was there to save her life.

  2. Diversity and Inclusion

  3. "Why you should become involved in more than the “24/7 of the day job"" - An opinion piece by Alan Williams, Registered Nurse

    An opinion piece for RCUK from Alan Williams, on why you should become involved in more than the 24/7 of the day job.

  4. The ABCDE Approach

    Information about using the Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Exposure (ABCDE) approach to assess and treat patients.

  5. RCUK position statement – alternative resuscitation courses

    Resuscitation Council UK's position statement on alternative resuscitation courses. 

  6. Get Involved pt.2

  7. Early Career Forum Webinar - New Session Added!

    The Early Career Forum (ECF) webinar will provide early career healthcare professionals and university students studying healthcare courses, who have an interest in resuscitation, with an opportunity to engage with Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) and have their say in what matters to them.

  8. Lifesaver learning

    Resuscitation Council UK’s interactive training tool Lifesaver is a cutting-edge way to learn lifesaving skills anytime, anywhere. 

  9. Lifesaver

    Lifesaver is a game-in-a-film designed to teach the general public essential lifesaving skills in CPR and first aid.

  10. GoodSAM Cardiac Responder: Samantha Sharp

    … GoodSAM Cardiac Responder: Samantha Sharp Samantha Sharp had gone to … sector and knew Samantha and her husband Pete were GoodSAM cardiac responders . He had an old defibrillator, but it was … via the GoodSAM app to alert her to a nearby cardiac arrest. Samantha’s child was at Nursery and her husband Pete …