1. ReSPECT: Frequently asked questions for adopters

  2. CPQR symbol that could save many lives reaches communities in Warwickshire

    Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) is on a mission to give everyone across the UK the CPR skills to save a life. They have created the “CPQR code” a heart shaped QR code that directs people to a short video on how to do CPR.

  3. CPQR symbol that could save many lives reaches communities in Nottinghamshire

  4. e-ILS (Immediate Life Support e-learning) Course

    e-ILS is a flexible way of learning skills in Immediate Life Support, and blends e-learning with face-to-face workshops.

  5. ePILS (Paediatric Immediate Life Support) Course

    If you need skills in Immediate Life Support that are tailored to be used with infants and children, ePILS is an excellent option for blended learning.

  6. Publications

    A selection of free publications to enhance your knowledge of resuscitation.

  7. Publication: Presence of family members at the clinical emergency of children and babies

    This guide provides information for healthcare professionals to enable the presence and support of a child’s family in hospital clinical emergencies.

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  9. Resuscitation Council UK attends parliamentary evidence session on Cardiac Arrest Survivorship

    On Wednesday 22nd February, the Resuscitation Council UK (RCUK) was pleased to attend a parliamentary evidence session on Cardiac Arrest Survivorship, hosted by the APPG on Defibrillators.

  10. RCUK Policy Briefing: ReSPECT (Recommended Summary Plan for Emergency Care and Treatment) adoption in the UK

    An RCUK position paper setting out the importance of the ReSPECT process in emergency care and treatment planning, and RCUK’s key recommendations on ReSPECT for the four nations.