1. RCUK response to RCN’s findings on gendered construction of value within the nursing profession

    New findings show how gendered perceptions of nursing have impacted economic reward for those working in the field.

  2. Case Study: Dan - "CPR varies vastly between an adult and a baby"

    … East when tragedy struck. Vicky had an “overall uneventful pregnancy” and Noah was born on 18 May. Consultants did not …

  3. Case Study: Pippa - "Parents lack knowledge of Baby CPR"

  4. RCUK releases free baby and child CPR book, Aaron’s Heart

  5. RCUK Statement on 'Appropriate release of medical colleagues for the purposes of carrying out work for the wider health system'

  6. The CPR Superhero at Home

    In August, dad James Franklin, 45, had to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on mum Emma, 44, when she collapsed from a sudden cardiac arrest at their home in Southampton.  Now their eight-year-old Sonner has invented a new superhero after his dad helped save his mum’s life – CPR Man. Read their story and find out why CPR matters to them. 

  7. Are you connected to The Circuit?

    defibrillation, defibrillator, cardiac arrest, lifesaving, the circuit, register your defibrillator

  8. Are you an RCUK Instructor?

    RCUK Instructor pin badges

  9. ePILS (Paediatric Immediate Life Support) Course

    If you need skills in Immediate Life Support that are tailored to be used with infants and children, ePILS is an excellent option for blended learning.

  10. CPR could save your child from drowning, says RCUK

    resuscitation, CPR, drowning